About Coretha

Coretha McCall is a teacher, author, intercessor, worshipper, television host and a resounding prophetic voice for the nations. She operates in an apostolic and prophetic anointing teaching God’s truth of His Holy Word and founded 'Esther Project Ministries' in 2013.  Since founding EPM several new programs have been created, the first being Shift Mentoring Program and the second: Soul Searching The Masterclass. Coretha is the host of Shift TV "Stand Hopeful in Faith Today!" which airs on Facebook Live  at 6 p.m. EST on Tuesday evenings.

She serves as a worship leader and intercessor at her local church, Bethel Atlanta. She has the honor of teaching intersession classes at BASSM (Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry) as an elective and serves at BASSM as a 2nd Year Revival Pastor. She is the Author of several books such as 'Set Aside to be a Bride' and 'Living Sacrifice'.

She's earned her Bachelor of Arts in Human Services and a Masters of Arts in Christian Ministry/Pastoral Ministries at Liberty University. She is also certified in several evidence based programs to help adolescents and adults.
Coretha McCall has been described as a powerful warrior, a next level chick, who starts fires in
the hearts of His people, setting them ablaze to build His Kingdom family. Coretha resides in the Atlanta area and is married to her wonderful husband, Durrell, and the
proud mother of two beautiful daughters.